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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  February 10, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> nato get a top man in afghanistan'. >> this is al-jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also coming up, testing it's might. thousands in the capital. happy chinese new year. millions welcoming the new year of the snake. industry allies in washington and how they're helping to keep the people back.
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a new commander is in charge of nato forces in afghanistan. he has been given the responsibility of winding down the longest war. dunfor ofd took command and he will be handing over security to the afghan security forces. >> what has not changed is the will of this coalition. what has not changed is the discipline and the spirit of the team. what has not changed is the growing capability of our f. kemp partners and the afghan national security forces. what has not changed is our commitment to accomplish the mission. more importantly, what has not changed is the inevitability of our success. >> the u.s. commander in
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afghanistan faces tough challenges. among them, republicans questioning whether he is the right man for the job. >> with the u.s. looking forward to december 31st, 2014, the day combat forces are leaving afghanistan for good, marine corps general dunford will probably be the last to run it. you lead a regiment of 6000 troops into iraq in 2003 and but he spent much of his year -- career in the pentagon. >> a much personal time have you had in afghanistan? >> i have not served an assignment in afghanistan. >> dunford will have to manage the politics in washington and kabul when it comes to
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recommending how quickly forces should withdraw. >> i look at the strength of the enemy, the capabilities of the afghans security forces. >> president obama has not decided how many will stay in the country or, for that matter, what they will be doing. once the decision has been made, it will be up to general dunford to make sure the plan works and the work of the last 12 years is not undone. >> iran is marking the as long must revolution anniversary. tens of thousands celebrating in the capital waving flags and portraits of the supreme leader. president ahmadinejad is talkign about technology. >> this is one of the most
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important speeches he will give. he talked about the in fighting that has started. he said, "the government cannot be under pressure both the externally and internally" and he called for unity among all factions. these come after the president or the parliament and the family is in line with the supreme later. at the time, out there was the beginning for a movement of a prosperous society. at the end of a very difficult the iranian year, many people blaming the evaluation of the iranian rial of 70% on sanctions and on ahmadinejad.
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this is more about ayatollah khamenei and what he left behind. 34 years later, of the legacy is still relevant regardless of who you speak to. it is something they all stand behind. >> talks are taking place in bahrain but they haven't hit problems even before they started. they have failed to agree on the goals of the process. we report on what is at stake. >> it has been two years since the start of an uprising in bahrain. they are demanding government reform. the demonstration ended violently and it was not sound. the unrest was approaching and
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they're becoming more and more frequent running up to the anniversary. there have been numerous attempts between the sunni leadership and the shia muslims. they said it would come back to the table if there is meaningful dialogue. issues up for discussion include justice, human rights, and protests. this could prove to be insurmountable. they say anything talked about should be put to a referendum and not for them to decide. then there is the crackdown. the international human-rights groups say more than 80 people are being killed in protest related violence. there have been arrests, jill
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sentences, and allegations of torture. the government says they have adopted recommendations made by an independent inquiry into the protesters. many people are skeptical. they still feel it is the only way to get any real change in bahrain. >> trying to win support for a technocrat government. this is part of the plan to ease tension following the assassination of a leftist politician. the prime minister needs a shake up to survive. >> i insisted on the initiative because there was a political vacuum omri's and. there was still other initiative especially other the assassination -- after the assassination. this is why the initiative was
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the only option i have before. i hope i can condense my party and others to a accepted. if i failed, this is the nature of democracy. the country will hope to form a broader government and i hope will get the approval of the assembly and the two nations. >> a major source of the tension in tunisia is the economic opportunity. two years after the government switched, they're still struggling to get good jobs. >> he started the revolution and by burning himself to death because of poverty and shame. today in the capital, another saying that things are better. >> its improving. it's better than before. >> not all is well. this is an enormous poor
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neighborhood home to half of the population of tunis. one in five people are unemployed and the percentages way higher here. >> they're playing a bigger role in the social protest. i think businesses, because they are seeing this dispute, unemployment is increasing quite dramatically. >> he is a science graduate who has not worked in his field in several years and he assured the government is to blame. >> the people in power must make major changes to bring the country from unemployment numbers social injustice, and equality to a situation they
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hope to achieve when they are read of the dictator. >> he is doing what he can survive putting aside the political crisis. they did and the power to the people, but what they did not give them is a booming economy is jobs. the economic and social problems inherited have not disappeared. they have become real problems for a suddenly rocky post- revolutionary road. al-jazeera, tunis. >> this storm has battered the eastern coast and moving north into canada. power has been cut off in three provinces. 40 centimeters is expected to fall in no rush gauche of -- and noblesse scotia and new brunswick. -- nova scotia and new brun
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swick. >> boston remains quiet as emergency crews tried to clear the streets to get the city moving. >> it will take some time to get this moving. it is a necessary prerequisite to getting power restored. >> damaging homes, flooding streets car prompted evaluation. many are still without power in the region. travel by car or by flood is no easy task. suburbs of new york were also buried. >> it's absolutely horrible. hopefully it will be 50 degrees on monday and this will melt. there's no place for this note. >> dozens of vehicles are still stranded on long island expressway. some were abandoned during the height of the storm and in
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others, drivers had to spend the night. >> the police came by, looked at me, and they just left, you know? >> new york city was hit by about 20 centimeters. >> it looks like we dodged a bullet. winter is not over. if things freeze again, things will be slippery. you should be careful. >> central park, a sight to behold. it's making getting around difficult, but not everyone is complaining. look at the hundreds of people who of come out to enjoy this. >> its off some. i enjoy it. >> it reminds me of being a kid. >> further north, it will take days to recover. al-jazeera, new york. >> still to come on now is zero -- -- now on al jazeera --
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is that there will to the latest victim of gun violence in the united states, a 50-year-old girl. the big party in rio, but not everyone is getting caught up in the carnival. >> fires continue to burn around victoria. this is further north making its way into new south wales. the shares are still low in place for monday. and more humid eastern mind taking temperatures that in sydney to 22 degrees. a rash of showers coming in across the northern part of australia. hotter still in perth aware of
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temperatures could reach 38 degrees, 100 fahrenheit. new delhi seeing a high of around 23 celsius. we could see some showers developing monday and tuesday and further south, some showers there s some possibilities for sri lanka. a dry 27 in doha. that is the case in a good part of the arabian peninsula. top temperature in tehran is 16 celsius. celsius. serena
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>> you are watching al-jazeera. u.s. general dunford take control of the u.s. forces in afghanistan. he is expected to oversee the withdrawal through 2014. in irenic, celebrating an anniversary of the 1979 revolution. president ahmadinejad wants to praise the country's technological achievements. in bahrain, national talks in ending a crisis are due to restart on sunday. it has been two years since the uprising began. three in nigeria have been killed after being attacked in a northern town. they are all believed to be south korean. it is not yet clear who was behind the killings.
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police in los angeles say they're looking back at the circumstances that led to the firing of an officer returned punitive -- turned fugitive, christopher dorner. he is now on the run accused of killing 03 people. it is thought he is hiding in the northern mountains of california but efforts to find him have been hampered by snowfall. first lady michelle obama and joined mourners in chicago for the funeral of a 15, new york girl. -- 15-year-old girl just days after performing at the inauguration. >> it happens 500 times in chicago, this time the world takes note. >> no parent should never have to remember this. >> she was gone down in a park less than a mile from obama's chicago home days after twirling
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and her baton at the inauguration. >> we give this jacket to you. [applause] the president sent his condolences and his wife, a silent reminder of the president's plan to ban assault rifles and expand background checks. >> aren't that day, the last thing i saw was her smiling. from heaven above, i know every day she is smiling down upon us. >> they lamented the latest victim in an unending wave, 46 this year. >> your angela has become the face of this epidemic of gun violence causing the funeral processions of our children. >> in chicago and the notorious
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dangerous outside, a few believed it would help. >> gun laws do not affect the inner city. it only affects those who follow the laws. >> a large crowd is outside still waiting to get in. for every funeral like this, there are hundreds that the largely unnoticed. outside, her friends and family wait in the frigid air. >> i did not get a chance to say goodbye to her. >> the latest victim in an epidemic of urban violence. al-jazeera, chicago. >> fat and gettign fatter. it seems the u.s. government's on policies architecture. to the crisis. -- it seems the government
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policies are contributing to the crisis. the standard american diet is relatively inexpensive, convenient, and satisfying whether it is highly marketed fast-food or highly processed packaged foods in the supermarket. what americans eat have changed radically over decades and it shows. the u.s. has the highest rate of obesity in the industrialized world. >> fast food is most successful. >> the government can stop the advertising in the bad food. then they complain about obesity. >> the american diet is shaped by what happens here in the congress. the food and beverage industry has spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying for government regulations to favor its
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finances. >> economics are a big part of it, no power about it. they are in business to make money. >> 1 unfavorable policy could cost the company millions. he works to keep regulations at a minimum. >> it's a major effort. since 1990, the food and beverage industry has been a big political campaign donors paying out $107 million to presidential and congressional political campaigns. last year, $24 million given to those running for cars. 71% republican. -- running for congress. they voted to keep costs low. $17 billion have gone to crops like corn and soybeans. contrast that to do hundred $60
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million in subsidies for healthier menu options. despite mounting data suggesting a processed food leads to obesity, they have also convince lawmakers to back the voluntary guidelines rather than laws like things like food advertising. >> of we start regulating to out what food, what we are doing is denying consumers a choice. >> those who need to have lobbyists come under criticism for the types of products they make and the damage they potentially do. >> damage that could only get worse given the policies that only favor food industry wallets. al-jazeera, washington. >> we have much more on the obesity epidemic right here on al-jazeera. on monday, looking at some of the ways america is trying to fight the problem.
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from first lady michelle obama's that this campaign to a new labeling program. -- fitness campaign. >> president hugo chavez was in good spirits this week in meetings. he has not been seen in public since december after his fourth cancer operation. two of the largest gangs in el salvador have signed a peace treaty. richard martin has more. >> de sign their names in a growing peace pact. >> we are here supporting the people and we are declaring this as a municipality free of violence. the gangs have battled for control of the lucrative drug
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route to guatemala making it one of the most dangerous areas. it now becomes the keystone where they have vowed to stop all criminal activity. it is part of a truce stuck between ms-13 and barrier 18, the largest street gangs. broker with the help of the catholic church, few expect the deal to hold. the gangs here are more like armies boasting tens of thousands of members and huge reserves of heavy weaponry. this has made all salvador one of the most violent countries in the americas. gang leaders say they remain committed to making this work. the government about bomb friday to help them re-enter society. >> we're going to invest. we're going to take social programs to the states.
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we have the commitment of international organizations in supporting this process with resources and also politically. >> the gangs and the government will both have to be true to their word it fell salvador will no real peace. richard martin, al-jazeera. >> five soldiers have been killed in a roadside attack in southern thailand. they detonated a bomb as a truck carrying troops passed by. they opened fire on the convoy. they have been fighting for independence since 2004. millions of people around the world have been celebrating the first day of the chinese new year. this was the skyline in beijing where people party until the early hours of sunday. they also set off firecrackers believed to scare off evil spirits. we have more from hong kong. >> these people are queuing up
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to get into the temple here. it is a new year tradition to come and burn incense to give things for the year that was and pray for blessings in the year ahead. according to the chinese charts, it is the year of the snake. >> we come here to the temple to pray for good fortune and for the whole year. >> more work, more money, more happiness, a happy life. >> for the kids achievements of school. we want them to do great this next year. >> many take off this time of year to spend time with their families but members of the chinese military will not be celebrating out all. the navy is conducting drills in the western pacific ocean.
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authorities say this is to show they must be ready anywhere at any time for any potential threats wanting to show the international community they have a strong resolve to meet whatever challenges may lay ahead. >> they have attended a church service in the syrian capital. he led a ceremony celebrating the greek orthodox church. it is the first time a leader of this church has visited damascus in decades. the cardinal urged syrian workers to pray for a peaceful end to the crisis. tens of millions of hindu have arrived for one of the biggest gatherings in the world. the festival brings programs together to bathe at the intersection of two rivers. they believed it helps to wash away their sins. around 100 million people are expected to take part in the festival over the next two months. two million people filling the
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streets of rio de janeiro for the start of the annual carnival. celebrations are going to be held across the country but not everyone can afford to join in on the party. >> the symbolic leader of the carnival celebrations holds up the key to the city. the key to the city. the
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